Protect your vehicle with custom engineered bull bars

Whether you spend a lot of time off road or want to add some extra protection to your ute or truck, our team of engineers has a wealth of experience building bull bars and rear vehicle protection.

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Keep your pride and joy in pristine condition

Finding dents, sctraches and scrapes on your new truck is painful. By installing bull bars or rear protection bars you can help prevent these blemishes from appearing on your car so it stays looking professional and retains its value.

Extra protection in an accident

In an accident, your vehicle is likely to be seriously damaged. These serious accidents not only put you and your passengers at risk of injury, they can also cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Bull bars on your Ute, Truck or 4WD provide an additional layer of protection in a collision, helping to prevent excess damage and avoidable injuries.

Custom made bull bars to match your requirements

Over the years we have designed and manufactured many different types of Bull Bars & Rear Protection Bars, so no matter what type of truck or 4x4 you drive we're happy to engineer a set of bull bars to suit. Simply get in touch and let us know what make and model you've got and we'll get started fabricating your bull bars.

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Towbar shop is the specialised Towbar manufacturing and installation wing of Richmond Industrial Machinery. With over 40 years experience engineering towbars and other machinery, Richmond has a proven history which includes supplying towbars for New Zealand new cars as well as supplying to a range of franchise dealers.

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